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Corporate Services

Managing an ever-evolving landscape of compliance and reporting obligations in a multi-jurisdictional setting can be time consuming, costly, and put your organisation at risk.

Iota Capital Group are a global corporate services provider with over 15,000 entities under management.  We provide a broad range of corporate solutions to establish, administer and give substance to a wide range of legal structures – giving our clients certainty in an often-uncertain world.

So why work with us? Our corporate administration teams have an in-depth knowledge of the statutory and regulatory requirements in each of our jurisdictions and are obligated by international financial reporting standards.

We collaborate closely with our clients – developing tailored corporate solutions to support mergers and acquisitions, private equity investment, restructurings, joint ventures, international expansion, insurance, asset segregation, divestment and many other corporate transactions.

Our corporate services team ensures that your organisation not only meets its compliance requirements, but will work with you proactively to prepare for future changes before they arise.

We offer a dedicated point of contact from day one and we will build a corporate service team around your needs. Our in-country team members have extensive local knowledge of the regulatory environment and can ensure your entities remain in good standing.

We give you the peace of mind that you are in safe hands, and the freedom to focus on driving your business forward.